Dharma Kids

Basic tumbling, dance combinations, creative crafts, journaling, yoga and so much more!



Dharma Kids Schedule

  • Dharma Mini's (ages 3-5)  
    Monday  1:15-2 pm
  • Dharma Kids (ages 5-8) 
    Monday 5:30-6:20 pm
  • Dharma Kids (ages 9-15) 
    Wednesday 5:30-6:30 pm

Need more information?  Contact Michelle at:  Dharmakids@outlook.com

Dharma Kid is a small and locally owned business partnering with Live Out Loud Yoga located in the heart of La Plata, Maryland. We are are a youth yoga program that teaches individuals how to discover their unique gifts and talents while sharing it with the WORLD!

Dharma Kids is a unique experience because we use movement and expression to explore these gifts through yoga, basic tumbling, dance combinations, creative crafts, journaling, and so much more!'

Our mission is to get and stay connected with ourselves and our potential. Along the way children learn self care techniques, fun dance combinations, basic tumbling, and yoga. We promote a happy and healthy lifestyle while providing a safe and fun atmosphere.

We thought with this fast paced and busy world our society is changing, so we are here to release youth stress brought on daily from school, competitive sports, and social pressures.

We welcome all children to enjoy this enlightening experience, so come try it out!