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New Client Specials and Groupons

These are the new procedures.  (Pole peeps feel free to ignore the Groupon section) Yoga Peeps I need you to read and understand the below.

GROUPONS - NO ONE who has EVER been to the studio before can use a Groupon.  I don't care if they only came once.  If you feel uncomfortable or pressured - blame me - direct them to me. ONLY NEW CLIENTS MAY USE GROUPONS.

NEW CLIENT SPECIALS:  I am more flexible with new client specials.  The requirements are that they buy it with in the first month from their first class.  You should try and sell this to every new student that comes to your class.  

These are the New Client Specials:

  • 5 Classes for $25 (1 month expiration)
  • 10 Classes for $48 (2 month expiration)
  • 1 Month Unlimited for $48

How do you know if it is a new client?

  1. Ask them if they have ever attended a class before.
  • New Students 
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