Kids Summer Camps

Live Out Loud Offers two different summer camp programs! Both are excellent, educational and build life, communication and relaxation skills. Read about the two programs below.

Dharma Kids Summer Camps

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Primary Camp Presenters
MIchelle Gordon
Mimi Wells

Find your dharma with an enlightening experience through fun activities including daily journal, dance gymnastics, yoga, creative crafts and happy healthy nutrition guidance. At Dharma Kids we believe everyone has a special gift so come join us and discover yours!

Bring a packed lunch and a smiling face! Everything else is provided including daily journals and daily healthy happy snacks. Kids get bags and go on daily field trips!

Session One
Date: June 24th-27th (Mon - Thurs)
Time: 9am - 1 pm
Ages: 4 - 8
Cost: $175

Session Two
Date: July 8th-11th (Mon - Thurs)
Time: 9am - 1 pm
Ages: 9 - 14
Cost: $175

Session Three
Dates: Aug 12th-15th (Mon - Thurs)
Time: 9am - 1 pm
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $175

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Live Out Loud Yoga Summer Camp

Presenter: Sean Fraser

Provides children with a fun, creative, educational, and enriching experience through yoga movement classes, mindfulness activities, relaxation, games, crafts, field trips and outdoor time. All sure to create lasting memories, new friendships, and a foundation for health and well-being!

Yoga and mindfulness can help children build self-regulatory skills, resilience, social awareness, and confidence, as well as gross-motor skills, strength, and fitness. Through yoga, children learn techniques for concentrating, reducing stress, and connecting to their bodies in a loving way while having fun.

  • We’ll do arts and crafts or themed activities every day.

  • We typically do at least one theme-based outing every week.

  • Unless weather is terrible, we’ll walk to a nearby playground for lunch and outdoor time daily.

  • We will have some form of quiet relaxation time every day

  • We work a lot of free-play time into our camp between organized activities as well.

Session One
Date: August 5th - 8th (Mon - Thurs)
Time: 9am - 1 pm
Ages: (6 - 12)
Cost: $175

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