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Winter Solstice Yoga

Winter Solstice Yoga
Date: Friday, December 15th
Time: 7pm-8:30pm
Price: $32 Member / $40 non-member

Join Zoa to amplify your vitality, rebalance your internal compass, and nurture yourself.
On the Winter Solstice, the Earth in one sense actually stands still. Pauses. Prepares to turn around and return to the Sun. The movement of our planet inspires each of us to do the same. To reflect on the year gone by. To clarify your own direction for the future. To take a breath and a step forward.
Join us as we celebrate the rebirth of the Sun, stoke our internal fire and light, honor our directional shift in the Universe, and cultivate our inner stillness and grace.


Members pay a monthly renewing fee for unlimited pole or yoga classes. If you don't know if you're a member - you are most likely not. But if you have questions - please review the link below or contact Cindy. 
Starting May 2017 - NonMembers that Purchase workshops at a Member Discount.- Your purchase will be refunded and the correct pricing will be assessed.
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