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Fascial Focused Movement - Yin Yoga and More!!

  • Live Out Loud Yoga 406 Charles Street La Plata, MD, 20646 United States (map)





Teacher: Zoa Conner

Please take a moment and think back to your childhood. Do you remember the amazing feats that your body could perform with ease? If those days and feats are long gone, most likely so is the springy quality of your body’s fascia. The fascia system of spider web-like strands of connective tissue is more important than you might realize. A single piece of fascia weaves throughout your muscles and joints, supports your organs, penetrates your bones and nerves, and encourages communication and connections throughout the body.

Restrictions and limitations of the body are often due to the rigidity of your fascia. Tension within the fascia can be created by physical trauma (car accident, fall, etc.), emotional stress, inflammation, poor posture, and more. Pain, limited flexibility of muscles and joints, and poor balance and stability can all be linked to the poor health of your fascia system.

Join Zoa for a 2 hour session focussed on your fascial health! We will work to restore the bounce in your step and the ease of your motion. We will incorporate a flow based yoga practice, a yin yoga practice, a meditation to reduce your emotional stress, a discussion about inflammation in the body, and a Pilates session addressing posture.

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