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The Vayus-Yogic Practices to Shift from Survive to Thrive

  • Live Out Loud Yoga 406 Charles Street La Plata, MD, 20646 United States (map)


INSTRUCTOR: Cathy Valentine

In this workshop, we will work with the five Vayus or movements of prana (energy) that govern different areas of the body and influence different physical and subtle activities. You will gain a fundamental understanding of each Vayus and find perspective on the way in which the Vayus show up in everyday life.  By taking responsibility for our energy system and working with these movements of energy, we can help  to reclaim a rich sense of vitality and over all wellness - shifting away from just living in the survival mode to thriving in the fullness of our lives!


At its heart, hatha yoga is more than just flexibility or strength in postures; it is the management of prana, the vital life force that animates all levels of being. Prana enables the body to move and the mind to think. It is the intelligence that coordinates our senses, and the perceptible manifestation of our higher selves. By becoming more attentive to prana—and enhancing and directing its flow through the practices of hatha yoga—we can invigorate the body and mind, develop an expanded inner awareness, and open the door to higher states of consciousness.

The yoga tradition describes five movements or functions of prana known as the vayus(literally “winds”)—prana vayu (not to be confused with the undivided master prana), apana vayu, samana vayu, udana vayu, and vyana vayu. These five vayus govern different areas of the body and different physical and subtle activities. When they’re functioning harmoniously, they assure the health and vitality of the body and mind, allowing us to enjoy our unique talents and live life with meaning and purpose.

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