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Lower Back: Build Strength and Heal Pain through Yoga Therapy

  • Live Out Loud Yoga 406 Charles St. La Plata MD 20646 Charles (map)

Instructor: Cindy Johannessen

Sunday December 9th (1 - 4pm) - A mistake was made on the original marketing for this workshop. The correct time is 1 to 4 pm. And NOT 5pm

Learn how to balance the strength and flexibility in the muscles of the back. This lecture and movement based workshop will both educate on the structure of the back and provide practical excercises to help you build and maintain lower back health through out your life.

Cost: $44
Member Discount:32

****NOTE on Member v NonMember****
Members pay a monthly renewing fee for unlimited pole or yoga classes. If you don't know if you're a member - you are most likely not. But if you have questions - please review the link below or contact Cindy. 

Starting May 2017 - NonMembers that Purchase workshops at a Member Discount.- Your purchase will be refunded and the correct pricing will be assessed.

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