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Cancelled: Transcend with Meditation

  • Live Out Loud Yoga 406 Charles St. La Plata United States (map)

Teacher: Karen Reisdorf

This workshop has been cancelled

(Wednesdays 6:10 - 7:10 pm)


This three week workshop will discuss the benefits of mantra meditation. Debunk the myths and learn a simple effective technique you can practice almost anywhere anytime. 

  You will learn how to access your own inner peace which can lead to immense health benefits like lowering blood pressure, be able to handle stress, anxiety and depression more effectively and just simply be more content and productive.  Each class will have a short Q&A.

Karen has has over 20 years experience in practicing Transendental Meditation and worked for Blessing Meditation Center in San Diego California for three years assisting in lectures and training students. 

$50 -Member Discount

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