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Demystifying the Psoas

  • Live Out Loud Yoga 406 Charles St. La Plata MD 20646 Charles (map)

Instructor: Cathy Valentine

Saturday January 5th (1:30 - 4:30pm)

The mysterious psoas muscle is famous as a hip flexor, but it does a whole lot more! Being one of the deepest muscles in the body, it runs from the mid back to the inner thigh. In this workshop we will explore the psoas: what it is, how it contributes to functional movement, and how it supports spinal integrity and stability.

We’ll look into the relationship between the psoas and the diaphragm, the relationship between the emotions and the psoas and lifestyle habits that can lead to imbalances and tension in the psoas. Learn about the Yogic perspective on the psoas: it's relationship to the our basic primal urges and how these urges relate to the "pranic hub", an energy center said to be rooted in the pelvis. Suitable for all levels

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